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Domain Registration and Management

We provide domain selection advice and guidance, domain name registration and renewal.  We also provide DNS services for your domain name using the latest technologies and redundant servers.

Website Development and Delivery

This is what we do.  If you want a website, need it mobile friendly, want to re-design an existing one or want improvements made, we are here to make it happen.  We can also provide any subset of the website design, development and roll out process.  If you already have a design and need it converted into a website with associated features and functions, setup and launched on the Internet, we can provide this.

Shared and Dedicated Hosting

We have a hosting solution for you regardless of your needs.  We manage all our hosting servers, allowing precise control over their performance and enabling us to respond very quickly to your support requests.  We have been doing our own hosting since inception and provide: website hosting; email hosting; video and audio streaming hosting, ecommerce hosting; blog and forum hosting and any other custom requirement you may have.

Live Video Steaming Hosting

We have streaming packages which can be used for live or on demand video or audio delivery.  Useful applications are for churches to stream their services, schools to stream their classes; companies to stream AGM meetings or other events; radio or TV stations to stream their broadcasts.  Our service provides everything you need to get running and we can also provide support and advice on capturing the video and audio content.

Website Marketing and Promotion

Get your website seen using our promotion services.  There are many ways to market your website, we provide online marketing services, this means by the use of Internet based services, like google, facebook and others.  We also provide insights into various strategies that you can incorporate into your business through your website to increase your marketing and advertising efforts.

Online Strategy Consultancy

You must have a strategy for your website.  Your goals and objectives for your business impact on your website.   As a client of ours you get this as part of our service to you!!

FREE Services

If all you need is a small hosting account and you are a bit computer savvy check our our free website hosting, free website builder and free tamplates!  Click here to sign up now.

Premium Corporate Email

Do not get caught by email fraud, stop fraudulent email from getting into your front line staff inboxes. Email scams are becoming more widespread and more crafty, masquerading as your business associates and business contacts.  Only get emails from those that are legitimate.  Contact us today!