Custom Development

Dedicated Team of Experts

With years of experience by every member of our team we are able to deliver website projects of the highest quality.  We have experts in the various areas of website development, ranging from programmers, website designers, graphic artists, and security to website strategy and consultancy.  Long gone are the days when one person can keep up with Internet technologies.  Each project is delivered by a team which depends upon the project’s needs with a project manager and quality control person.

Adherence to Development Standards

We develop websites in keeping with the WC3 standards for HTML and CSS.  We always use the latest recommended website development standards.  Such a simple thing is so important with the multitude of browsers, computers and device types that exist and continue to be developed.  All websites are tested against these standards before being deployed on the Internet.

Development and Delivery

We employ a collaborative approach to website development.  This allows the client to have input in the process and see and provide feedback on the project as it progresses.  This is a process we have used and refined since inception in January 2000 and we have been exceedingly proficient at it.

Security as a Priority

We take website security seriously!  We have been providing ecommerce solutions since inception in January 2000 and security is of utmost importance in this type of project.  We have been able to leverage this expertise for all our website projects