E-Commerce Package

E-Commerce Website Package

Starting at US$800

Package Overview


Making Website Creation Simple for You! Offering Ecommerce websites in Trinidad and Tobago.

Get an Ecommerce Website quickly. You do not do any of the Website development work. Why try to learn to use Adobe, Macromedia or a website builder tool. It is as easy as: one; two; three.

  1. Select a Design
  2. Give us your Website information
  3. We deliver and setup your Ecommerce website on the Internet in 2 days

We have a huge portfolio of very professional high quality designs. You have the choice to use the images that come with the design or give us replacement images. Each design has an area for your company’s logo. We replace the links and navigation with what you want and put your information into the Website



  • Content Management Software ( CMS )
  • Search engine friendly ( SEO )
  • Accept payments online
  • Get your website in two days
  • Unlimited products
  • Any Customization you may need
  • Customer Accounts
  • Security tested including SSL
  • Best Sellers
  • Product Reviews
  • Payment and Shipping methods
  • and many more …

How it Works


Running an ecommerce website is similar to running a retail business.  The main difference is the website is your storefront.  You need to have a business strategy including marketing, delivery and payment processing.  We can provide assistance will all of these.  The following points indicate how you proceed with our ecommerce website package:

  1. We will guide you through the process
  2. Select a Design from the list below, or select 3 and we will help you decide
  3. Put together all your website content and submit this to us
  4. Decide on your delivery and payment methods
  5. Contact us with any questions you may have



Find images and pictures: http://istockphoto.com
Find a domain name: http://wsmdomains.com

Other Costs

  • Hosting, Support and Patches: $59 USD (monthly, 15% discount for 12mth payment)
  • Domain Name – $45.00 USD(Per 3 Years)
  • Advanced Admin Software ( CMS ) – Included

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2 Day delivery | CMS software | You do not do any development work | Very affordable

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