About Us

Webberz.com Limited was formed in Jan. 2001 by individuals who range in experience from owners of local and international online businesses and programmers in multiple languages to hardware technicians and systems engineers. We have experience in providing internet based solutions for companies in Trinidad & Tobago and a few other countries. The areas we specialize in are custom Internet design and programming solutions, we have also developed Internet applications for some industries. We provide all the services required to establish and maintain a professional and viable Website . These include; domain registration, website design, mobile website development, database programming, Internet scripting, website hosting with virus and spam checking, streaming hosting, website promotion, Internet consultancy and more.

In Internet solutions we have expertise in internet strategy consulting, sales, marketing, digital photography, web site look and feel, internet scripting, online database programming and e-commerce solutions. We work with the most widely used languages and platforms in the online world including Linux, Windows NT, Apache web server, IIS, java, javascript, PERL, PHP, ASP, JSP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2 and Ms Access.

At Webberz.com Ltd. we believe that if information technology forms a critical part of your organization you must be backed by an IT company that understands your company and is dependable. Our services are provided utilizing innovative technologies that are reliable and are backed up by dedicated support team.

Our Mission

To provide Internet based solutions for clients that improve their bottom line and to do so with modern technology deployed securely and with a user friendly management administration area.

Our Vision

To get the maximum amount of corporate activities automated and integrated by leveraging Internet computer and mobile based technologies giving companies and their employees more work place flexibility.

Fixed Cost Proposals

We always seek to provide a fixed cost so you can budget.

Fixed Time Proposals

We provide a fixed time to deliver the work as proposed, thus allowing you to plan.

Results Driven

Our team members create designs and develop solutions that are both stylish and functional.


We think outside of the box to bring our clients the best results.


We are there, even when the job is completed, to give feedback and suggestions to continuously enhance usability.


A personal account manager is allocated to each project to ensure its success and the client’s satisfaction.

Knowledge and Experience

With our extensive knowledge and experience in developing database driven, unique applications, e-commerce and multimedia websites we are positioned to initiate and implement a professional solution.

Innovation and Technology

We are continuously researching and testing new technologies to keep abreast with new trends and technology.