COVID-19 Ltd is ready and can help you

COVID-19 Ltd is ready and can help you

We have put in place a series of measures to ensure the exceptional and professional level of support and development you have got from us over the last two decades continues despite the challenges presented by COVID-19. Rest assured that your websites, email and other services we provide will continue to operate as usual.

We were born into the Internet Age, molded by it and helped mold it. This has allowed us to quickly mobilize resources to provide our support and services to you with our entire staff working remotely. To this end we have in place:

  • You can still reach us by telephone at 868 628 0979
  • We have added online live chat support into our brand new website
  • if you missed that .. we have launched a new website that provides information on some new services like extra secure corporate email and mobile app development.
  • You can now pay our invoices using credit cards online
  • Our entire staff is now working remotely to help preserve health and safety in these trying times

We can help you

Conducting business has become difficult with limiting social contact and interaction. This especially in the retail business. Some useful services that we can provide for you in a few days are:

  • A simple ecommerce website, this will get the job done by allowing your customers to place orders and pay online
  • Online live chat for your website, allowing people to contact your offices even if your telephone operators are not at the office. It works on a desktop or mobile app, allows offline mode, operator transfer and many more features
  • live streaming, if you need to broadcast an event, like an AGM
  • we have many ideas contact us with your needs and we will see what solutions we can offer!

We will continue providing reliable and innovative services and exception support.