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Refund Policy

This refund policy applies to payments made to Webberz.com Ltd. For products and services provided.  Our policy is simple, we refund you for any part or component of a product or service that you have not used or we have not delivered.

Recurring services

For items that are recurring you will be refunded for the remainder of the period not used net any discounts or other benefits you may have derived from paying in advance.

For tasks and project work

Once it has been mutually agreed that the task or project is no longer required or it is mutually agreed to stop work on a given task or project, any excess payments beyond what work was already done will be refunded.  Please note that depending on your contract these terms can be different and your contract terms will override this general refund policy.

Refund Time Frame

Once agreement is reached for a refund it will be processed and sent to you within 7 days of reaching such agreement